Treating All Desktops as Applications in StoreFront 3.0

Note: You have to import the StoreFront PowerShell modules before you can run any PowerShell commands below

The following code snippet does this for you:

$dsInstallProp = Get-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:SOFTWARECitrixDeliveryServicesManagement -Name InstallDir
$dsInstallDir = $dsInstallProp.InstallDir
& $dsInstallDir..ScriptsImportModules.ps1

Desktops are treated differently from applications in StoreFront/Receivers. They are placed in a separate Desktop tab and in the case of Receiver for Web, they are not reconnected with workspace control. In some use cases, it is desirable to treat desktops as applications so that they are placed together with applications and get reconnected as part of workspace control. With StoreFront 2.x, you have to add theTreatAsApp keyword to all published desktops to achieve this effect. This can be error-prone if you simply want all desktops to be treated as applications. It lacks flexibility too, if you want one store to treat desktops as applications and the other to preserve  the desktop behaviour. StoreFront 3.0 enables you to configure treating all desktops as applications at the store level without the need of adding the TreatAsAppkeyword to all the published desktops. This is configurable using the PowerShell cmdlet. The syntax is:

Set-EnhancedEnumerationOptions [[-siteId] <Object>] `
[[-storeVirtualPath] <Object>] [[-treatDesktopsAsApps] <Object>]

For example, if you would like to treat all desktops as applications for a store located at /Citrix/Store, the following command would configure it for you:
Set-EnhancedEnumerationOptions -siteId 1 `
-storeVirtualPath /Citrix/Store -treatDesktopsAsApps $true

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