XenDesktop 7.6 RemotePC VDA command line install

The following command installs a VDA for Windows Desktop OS to the default location on an office PC that will be used with Remote PC Access.
The machine will not be restarted after the VDA is installed; however, a restart is required before the VDA can be used. The VDA will register initially with the Controllers on the server named ‘xdc01’ & ‘xdc02’┬áin the domain ‘domain.local’ and will use UDP for audio packets.
HDX ports will be opened if the Windows Firewall service is detected
Note: As an alternative to using the full-product ISO to install VDAs, you can use a standalone VDA installation package as i have in the example below. See Install VDAs using the standalone package
"UNC_PathVDAWorkstationSetup.exe" /components vda /controllers "xdc01.domain.local xdc02.domain.local" /enable_remote_assistance /enable_hdx_ports /optimize /enable_real_time_transport /exclude "Personal vDisk","Machine Identity Service" /quiet /noreboot