Storefront Workspace Control


Using PowerShell

Make sure that you close the Admin Console. Run the following code snippet to import the StoreFront PowerShell modules:

$dsInstallProp = Get-ItemProperty `
 -Path HKLM:SOFTWARECitrixDeliveryServicesManagement -Name InstallDir 
$dsInstallDir = $dsInstallProp.InstallDir 
& $dsInstallDir..ScriptsImportModules.ps1

Workspace control reconnect can then be turned on/off by the PowerShell command Set-DSAllowSessionReconnect. Its syntax is:

Set-DSAllowSessionReconnect [[-SiteId] <Int64>] [[-VirtualPath] <String>] `
    [[-IsAllowed] <Boolean>]

For example, if you would like turn off workspace control reconnect for a store in /Citrix/Store, the following command will configure the store appropriately:

Set-DSAllowSessionReconnect -SiteId 1 -VirtualPath /Citrix/Store `
    -IsAllowed $false

Editing web.config

Open web.config under the Store Service, e.g. /Citrix/Store in a text editor. Locate the line looks like:

<resourcesService id="f01f7dc4-7f28-4bc1-b8fb-7c0db9570d20"
      anonymousStore="false" allowSessionReconnect="true" />

Change the value of allowSessionReconnect to false to disable workspace control reconnect or true to enable it.

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