Add Multiple CD/DVD Drives to XenServer VM

To add more than one CD/DVD drive to a VM, complete the following procedure:

  1. Run the following command to find the UUID of the VM for which you need to add a new virtual CD-ROM drive.
    xe vm-list name-label=<name of the virtual machine>  
  2. Check the availability of user device numbers for your VM.
    Note: VMs running on XenServer support upto seven virtual disk devices. The device number ranges from 0 to 7. Run the following command and check the “userdevice” values:
    xe vm-disk-list uuid=<uuid of VM>

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Change Remote PC delivery group display name – XenDesktop 7.x – Discussions

This is done via the powershell on a local XenDesktop Controller with the  following commands:

>asnp citrix.*

>Get-BrokerDesktopGroup -name “Name of RemotePC Desktop group”

## note the “DesktopGroupUID” ##

>Get-BrokerPrivateDesktop -DesktopGroupUid UIDofRemotePCDesktopgroup | Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop -PublishedName “New Name”

Citrix Storefront KEYWORDS

It is possible to use multiple KEYWORDS per Desktop or Application. This can be done by specifying more than one keyword in the published application or desktop.

  1. Open Citrix Studio
  2. Go to the Delivery Groups and select the delivery group you want to set the KEYWORDS on or go to the Applications tab
  3. Select the app you want and select edit
  4. Select User Settings and add the desired key words to the description box
  5. Add multiple keywords separating them by a single space: KEYWORDS:Auto Featured
  6. Click OK

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Reset StoreFront 2.x to Initial Factory Settings

  1. Ensure that the StoreFront Management console is closed
  2. Open a PowerShell command prompt as an Administrator
  3. From prompt C:>
  4. Type C:Program FilesCitrixReceiver StoreFrontScriptsImportModules.ps1
  5. After the modules are imported run Clear-DSConfiguration
  6. When you have run the command and it has completed successfully, open the StoreFront Management console and confirm that all settings are reset. The option to Create a new deployment or Join existing server group will now be available